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Best value tour on the Great Ocean Road! Learn to Surf, slide down natural waterfalls and meet the local wildlife while experiencing all the coast has to offer. The ultimate experience for young travellers wanting to experience the Aussie Surf Lifestyle. Surf, sand and golden tans await...

Tours operate every Wednesday and Sunday, departing Melbourne CBD at 9am. Pick-up available from CBD accomodation on request.


  • 1 Day Surf Adventure departing Melbourne and cruising along The Great Ocean Road.
  • Package includes: Surf lesson and all Equipment, Transport to and from Melbourne and a Guided Tour along the way.
  • All fully qualified surf instructors from Australia's leading surf school GO RIDE A WAVE.
  • Melbourne pick-up at 9am, Melbourne drop off at 6pm.
  • Visit famous landmarks: Torquay (including surf shops; Rip Curl and Quiksilver), Bells Beach, Great Ocean Road Sign, Kangaroo Golf Course and Natural Waterfalls
  • Surf at iconic beaches and in National Parks.
  • The ultimate sightseeing experience for 18-35 year old travellers.
  • Flexible tour enabling clients to surf the best waves, when they are at their best, whilst still ensuring clients experience Australia’s beach culture, landmarks, wildlife, and a guided tour at every location.
  • See Australia, Surf Australia.

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Best price on the coast!

$120.00 AUD. 

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Founded in 1987 on the Surf Coast, our surf lesson provider Go Ride A Wave knows the Victorian waters better than anyone else, providing an unforgettable surfing experience for over 50,000 clients every year.

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