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Surfing into the Netherlands

It’s not all canals and red light districts. Surfing’s bigger then ever in the Netherlands and was proudly on show at this years Surf Fest. Dreaming Since was stoked to get in on the action hosted by the native Ripstar Surf Camps, Firstwave Surf School and Skyline Beach Bar. Whether you were riding waves on…

The Great Ocean Road Now Even Greater

Dreaming Since is proud to announce we are partnering with our mates at Go Ride A Wave, Australia’s Leading Surf School, to deliver an incredible surfing experience for beginner and intermediate surfers on our Great Ocean Road Day Dream Tour. Only $95 for a full day of fun in the sun. Return trip from Melbourne to the Great Ocean Road providing the ultimate site seeing experience for young fun-loving travellers. Visit for more information. Book now for summer 2016/17. Stoked to have you on board. Yewwww!  

Keep It Simple, Take It Easy

Put down your laptop, wax up your old twin fin, load the car…. And hit the road. If you’re not already inspired, Asher Pacey can help you there. Check out Ashers surf trip in ‘Cerulean’. You don’t need much to live the dream; hunt out a swell, catch a fish and deck out your cave….

‘Mini’ Surf Trip

Check out this epic stop motion clip in Lego surf land. Even plastic people love surf trips.

We’re Going on a Surf Trip, You Wanna Come?

We’re Dreamer’s, always have been and always will be. If you’ve got your head in the clouds dreaming of exploring Australia, learning to surf while touring the coast, partying on the beach and getting lost in adventure… Then come dream with us. We’re taking bookings. Chucking bums on seats, to cruise in our bus, the Dream Machine. So get yours into gear and book now. Keep dreaming… And we’ll see you out there! Yeww!!    

Timmy Reyes: Tucking Into More Barrels Then Tacos

Timmy Reyes heads Mexico way. Check out the clip below to see Timmy score his fair share of endless barrels, perfect point breaks, and heavy hold-downs. Timmy searched, and he did find… I bet the margaretta’s tasted extra sweet after days like this.         

Craig Anderson: The Most Stylish Surfer on the Planet

A clip to watch. One of the most stylish and mysterious surfers on planet, Craig Anderson, in a clip ‘La Danse Macabre‘ via Desilusion magazine. Anderson talks openly, confessing his natural tendency to being a recluse, making him well suited to a life in the ocean. And with surfing like in this clip, it’s a good fit. 

How to Pull Off An ‘Umakeable’ Barrel – By CJ Hobgood

One of our highlights from the 2015 Billabong Pro at Teahupo’o.. CJ Hobgood’s epic 10 point ride, holding on through the spit to pull off an ‘unmakeable’ barrel.

Golden Sunshine: A Queensland Surf Trip

Check out this clip, a surf trip from Noosa to Gold Coast. The same route as the Queensland leg of the Dreaming Since Surf Tour. Golden Sunshine, Golden Tans, Golden Times..

Let’s Get Trip’n

Dreaming Since is now taking bookings via the website for the December 2015 and January 2016 tours. Get in quick, it’s going to be an EPIC ADVENTURE. 10% early bird sale is now on. Don’t miss out!

Blog is Now Live

Follow our journey! Stoked to be here!! #dreamingsince #surf #australia #srilanka #surftours #surfcamps